1. Laser Treatment for Back Pain: A Safe Alternative to Spinal Injections

    Integrated Pain Solutions offers alternative back pain treatment amidst fears of meningitis outbreak. There’s been an extraordinary outbreak going on over the past few months here in the United States: cases of fungal meningitis, a rare illness, primarily caused by Exserohilum rostratum, a plant pathogen that is equa…Read More

  2. Knee Braces and Recovery from ACL Surgery

    Posted on October 15 2012 by Sarah According to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, wearing a knee brace after ACL surgery does not help in your recovery. In fact, strength, range-of-motion, and functionality exercises are what provides “significant benefits.” According to the article,  “The most important th…Read More

  3. Eaton Breaks Olympic Record in Decathlon!

    Posted on August 9 2012 by Sarah Ashton Eaton broke a 44-year old record in the 100 meter dash in the first day of decathlon competition on Wednesday, and finished the day at the top of the leader board. Trey Hardee is currently in second place.  Day two of the competition wraps up today with the 110 meter hurdles, di…Read More

  4. Ashton Wins Gold! Trey Wins Silver!

    Posted on August 9 2012 by Sarah Congratulations to Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee for winning Olympic Gold and Silver, respectively, in the Decathlon.  Dr. Curt considers it a privilege to have been a part of your journey to the podium. We couldn’t be more proud of you today! Here’s a link to the NY Times story. ht…Read More

  5. Majesty and Awe in London

    Posted on August 6 2012 by Sarah From Dr. Reva Draeger on her experience at the London Olympics: Dr Curt Draeger and Dr Reva Draeger outside London's Olympic Stadium Dr Curt Draeger and Dr Reva Draeger outside London's Olympic Stadium Here’s a visual… within this secured area (complete with guards) is the aquatic c…Read More

  6. Dr. Curt featured in Northwoods Spotlight

    Dr. Curt featured in Northwoods Spotlight Posted on July 6 2012 by Sarah The local NBC station visited Gold Medal Motion this past week and featured Dr. Curt Draeger in their Northwoods Spotlight.  Check out the video to learn more about how Dr. Curt will use high intensity laser therapy with the 2012 US Olympic decat…Read More

  7. Dr. Curt Draeger travels to London Olympics with Team USA

    Posted on July 5 2012 by Sarah Realizing the dream of competing in the Olympic Games is a once in a lifetime chance. For Dr. Curt Draeger, D.C., of Integrated Pain Solutions (formerly Gold Medal Motion), helping world-class athletes perform at their highest level is getting to be a habit as he will embark on his third …Read More

  8. Amazing and Heartbreaking Weekend at 2012 Olympic Trials

    Posted on June 25 2012 by Sarah Saturday was both an amazing day and a heartbreaking day at the Olympic decathlon trials. Ashton Eaton was AMAZING as he smashed the World Record for the Decathlon with an overall score of 9039. It was the 100th Anniversary of the Decathlon and all of the still living Olympic gold medal …Read More