Dr. Draeger has done a great job of helping me manage the pain, just not in my knees or ankles, but in my entire body. His big thing is the laser therapy. I’ve used it a couple of times before in past at the academy where I trained, but not to the extent of the quality he uses. When he’s worked on me to when I leave and go on the practice field and move around, I feel a big difference.

What Dr. Draeger does so well is he listens to me about what I’m feeling. You know a lot of times there are a lot of treatments that are cookie-cutter; they do one thing, one-stop-shop, same thing for everybody. But the thing with Dr. Draeger is he listens to how you’re feeling, how your body is responding to certain things, and then he adapts to find the best ankle and knee joint pain relief.

It’s not just ‘doctor talk’ when you come in here. It’s just not a quick 5 minute treatment session and you’re out… it’s more personal. He asks about my family, my little guy, my wife, how my holiday was. I’ve been around a lot of doctors and a lot of people who do rehab, special P.T.s, and I’ve done all that, so being able to talk to someone who generally cares, you know, that’s refreshing.

He and has helped my well-being not just on the football field but day-to-day life. Bending down, picking up my son, or just getting out of bed and you’re not going, “oh my gosh my back” or “my knees”. It’s about quality of life. It’s about being home with your kids and your wife and not having pain. It’s what our job entails; that’s what we do every day, but to be pain free when you go home is what everyone wants.

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