“I was living with back pain for at least 20 years. The older I was getting, the worse my back got… Can’t work, can’t, or even get off a chair or out of bed. Life gets very depressing and at 55, you wonder if this is the way I gotta spend the rest of my life? Had the shots, pain pills, chiropractor, etc., now what?

One night the commercial for Integrated Pain solutions was on, and I thought, I can’t lose anything by checking them out. 2 months later, I am here to tell you that these doctors know what they are talking about. They are amazing! They always discussed with me what helped me the best, and sometimes we’d change up the therapies – whether I needed to eliminate something or add something.

Today, I can bed over, walk sit, and stand, without the feeling of knives cutting and shooting pain down my legs. No more pills for pain, or even sleep! I will tell anyone or everyone who is thinking about shots, surgery, even pain pills… think again. They are worth every penny, and cheaper than surgery and physical therapy after! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

— Jean Thiry