I have had laser therapy, and I know that there are a hundred thousand different forms of laser therapy, but the laser therapy I’ve received from Dr. Draeger is probably one of the best. He uses High Intensity Laser Therapy, which are able to penetrate deeper and into deeper surfaces, which a lot of lasers don’t. You can tell the difference between a low quality and high quality laser.
Whether it’s inflammation, my joints hurting or things like that, he just prepares me to be on the field a lot faster. When he is able to adjust you and then hit you with the laser in areas where you have swelling and inflammation or bumps and bruises – all that stuff causes tensions in the joints and muscles. So when I see him after the game for joint pain remedies or muscle therapy, I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve been able to see is that I can heal faster.

Everything that happens from the point of him sticking that laser on you, to 48 hours after, you can just tell the difference. The way that I move on the football field, the way that I move off the football field, and how much pain has cost me in the past versus this year, I’ve made it through the season without having experienced a lot of those pains. I can definitely credit it to that.

I never went to a chiropractor who actually took x- rays, then sat down and went over your injury history. That was impressive to me. He tried to target the spots that you have the most injuries or you’re lagging, and he tries to fix those compensation patterns right away. That shocked me because you usually just walk into a chiropractor, and they do an assessment and put you on the table and crack you. But it was very professional the way it was set up, and that was kind of shocking to me because I never experienced that before.

I’m a people person. I sense a lot of things from people and the way they carry themselves and the persona that they give off, you know, character. The first time I met with Dr. Draeger I told him how important it was for me to be at home late in the evenings with my family and my daughter and that I couldn’t come in at night. And he said, “I can see you in the morning, what time do you get up?” and I’m like, “I’m up at 5.” He said, “then come in at 5.” That speaks volumes.

There’ really no words that I can use to describe the type of care that I received from him because it would take me forever to try find the word to pinpoint exactly how you can describe a person who will wake up at any given time of the day and come see you just because he believes in what you do. How can you describe that? That’s just something that you see in people; it’s uncommon, but it’s also the reason he’s so successful. He’s an outstanding man, and I thank God for him.

My experience with Dr. Draeger has been God fulfilling. And I will say that because I have been through a lot of trials and tribulations since I was in the NFL. You search for people like Dr. Draeger to be able to go to and who stick their neck out on the line for you. You treat those people with the utmost respect, and you understand that they respect you. There’s a mutual agreement there, and you develop a friendship and a bond.

I first saw him, and then the rest is history. I come to this guy like every single chance I get – whenever he’s here, I’m here.

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