I first heard about Integrated Pain Solutions through my teammates and how everybody just bragged on it, so I decided to take a visit. Last season, I broke my fifth metatarsal in my foot and another guy, who had the same injury told me about this place. I decided to come and check it out and I’ve been doing great ever since.

It helped my recovery from surgery in a big way, because at first, I was like, how am I going to come back? I’m doing all of the right things, but the injury is still lingering. And, I’ve been here for awhile now, and I really don’t feel it no more, it’s starting to feel like my old left foot again.

The thing that surprised me is the relationships that I’ve built with everybody that works here. It’s not just like you come in and get a couple of pops wherever you want it and leave. I can get the pops, still have a great conversation with somebody and talk about daily life. It’s not just about football.

I have tremendous trust in the doctors here, which is why I keep coming back. If they can help me with a foot injury, I’m sure whatever else in the future I might need, I’m sure that they can help me with it.

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