Is chronic pain hindering your ability to live the life you desire?

Do you make decisions in your life based on your current level of pain?

Integrated Pain Solutions in Mosinee provides the best chronic pain relief solutions without the need for drugs, injections, or surgery to patients from Mosinee, Wausau, Stevens Point and across central Wisconsin.

At Integrated Pain Solutions, we understand how chronic pain can affect every aspect of your life. That’s why we take every effort to treat pain at its root source, rather than masking it with drugs or temporary solutions. Our unique combination of therapies and treatment protocols can’t be found anywhere else in central Wisconsin.

Our doctors will design an individualized treatment plan based on your specific condition. Our whole-body approach addresses the interconnected system of muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, and joints with FDA-cleared, drug-free, non-invasive therapies that maximize healing.

The cornerstone of each care plan is High Intensity Laser Therapy. Through the use of our therapeutic lasers, which were co-developed by our own Dr. Curt Draeger, our Mosinee pain relief clinic has the ability to target and treat a variety of conditions, including back pain, joint pain, arthritis, post-surgical pain, and failed back surgery syndrome.

We are now accepting new patients at our Mosinee pain relief clinic, and we would love for you to stop by to learn more about the benefits of unique treatment protocols

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Benefits Of High Intensity Laser Therapy

High-Intensity Laser Therapy takes a different approach to treatment. The fact of the matter is, you’ve suffered from chronic pain for long enough. Integrated Pain Solutions in Mosinee has the tools to relieve pain and improve function.

Among the benefits of this FDA-cleared chronic pain relief method are:

  • Pain Relief
  • Resets The Chronic Pain Cycle
  • Softens Existing Scar Tissue
  • Minimize Swelling
  • Speeds Up Tissue Repair and Cellular Growth
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Improves Nerve Function

High Intensity Laser Therapy has been shown to have an 80 percent success rate for patients when it comes to significantly decreasing the symptoms associated with chronic pain while also improving function.

How does it work?  High-Intensity Laser Therapy utilizes laser light energy which penetrates through bone, soft tissue, and muscle to heal the body at the cellular level. Ready to learn more? Schedule an appointment with our Mosinee doctors today.

Our Mosinee Location

The search for chronic pain relief in Mosinee is finally over. Come in to Integrated Pain Solutions to see how we can help you break through your pain and regain control of your life

Our Mosinee chronic pain clinic is located conveniently in the Mosinee business park at 880 South View Drive in Mosinee. You can find our clinic in the front offices of Crystal Finishing, above Ascension Medical Group. Click here for a map.  Call 715-203-0471 to schedule your no-cost, no-risk consultation today.

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