Neck Injury

Around 10 months ago, Pam re-injured her neck that had been damaged in a previous injury nearly 26 years ago. Suddenly, she was in the most pain she’d ever been in before.

Over the years, Pam had learned to live with her chronic neck pain. She leads an active life, loving to garden, antique, spend time with her grandchildren, and even go skiing. But her worsening neck pain made it so she could no longer enjoy those activities — even lifting a grocery bag caused her severe pain.

Instead of ignoring the pain, Pam made the decision to take her life back and try high intensity laser therapy. Within the first month, Pam noticed a change in her pain. Now, she can get back to doing the things she enjoys without pain — including picking up her grandchildren!

“I have my life back. Watch out world, here I come.”

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