Once Exclusive Program Now Available to Chronic Pain Sufferers

Integrated Pain Solutions offers an exclusive program, not available anywhere else in the world. It was developed through decades of research into progressive technologies and treatment techniques, many of which are unique to our clinic. Originally reserved for world-class athletes, the program is now available to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

  • Unlike therapies that simply treat symptoms, we treat pain at the source. Manual therapies work to correct musculoskeletal problems, while High Intensity Laser Therapy promotes healing in damaged tissues.
  • Comprehensive care techniques address the interconnected system of muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, and joints to maximize healing.
  • We view your whole body as a system, and understand how different parts of your body support and rely upon each other. Not only do we treat your injury, we also treat the supporting tissues that surround it.
  • Our treatment protocol is customized to each person, using a combination of tools and therapies adapted to your individual condition. As you progress through your care plan, your treatment will be adjusted to meet your changing needs.
  • Our drug-free, non-invasive treatment approach is safe and free from potentially dangerous side effects.