1. *Sarah Cullen

    HEADACHE - NECK PAIN - SHOULDER PAIN: Sarah had been living in chronic pain for over 20 years as a result of suffering a concussion as a small child.  She had seen numerous doctors over the years who didn't understand her pain and didn't know what to do to help her - until she met Dr. Curt Draeger. According to Sarah, there were two things that set this care apart: 1) he truly understood her cond…Read More

  2. *Steve Schlei

    BACK PAIN:  As a contractor, Steve thought that having a sore back was just part of the territory. But it got to the point where his pain was so intense, he said it "felt like a knife in the middle of my back." He'd tried chiropractic, physical therapy, prescription pain medications, and muscle relaxants - none of which offered lasting pain relief. His doctors said his only remaining option was s…Read More

  3. *Hugo Mielke

    KNEE PAIN - SHOULDER PAIN - BACK PAIN: Hugo is a retired farmer, turned cheese salesman who suffered from shoulder pain, knee pain, and neck pain as a result of old injuries and years of hard labor on the farm. His chronic pain made it difficult to walk up and down stairs or stand for any period of time, affected his walking, and disrupted his sleeping. He feared he was headed to knee replacement …Read More

  4. *Jerry VanCauteren

    Jerry came to Integrated Pain Solutions just over a year after having been in a car accident which left him in constant pain. He was frustrated by doctors who just gave him pills and told him to come back in a few months. In the meantime, his pain got progressively worse and worse, so he sought care from Dr. Curt Draeger at Integrated Pain Solutions. He reports that he feels “85 on a scale of 10…Read More

  5. *Rosa Rank

    BACK PAIN: Rosa had been dealing with severe back pain for years, and it was gradually getting worse over time. She had tried cortisone shots, but not only did they not last, they weren’t fixing the problem – they just covered up the pain. Eventually, she was bed ridden, unable to walk, and miserable. After treatment, she was “amazed that I could be without pain” and surprised at the speed…Read More

  6. *Jolene Koeppel

    PHANTOM PAIN - KNEE, BACK, NECK PAIN - HEADACHES: Jolene lost her arm as a result of a farming accident as a young child. Since then, she’s suffered from phantom pains as well as a host of other problems including scoliosis, knee pain, back pain, limited mobility in her neck, upper body tension, and headaches. Like many who suffer from chronic pain, she took a lot of prescription pain medication…Read More

  7. *Greg Wichmann

    FAILED ANKLE SURGERY - 20 years ago, Greg broke his ankle and was still in pain more than two decades later. He had undergone an unsuccessful surgery years back and came to Dr. Curt Draeger at Integrated Pain Solutions to try and regain mobility and relieve the pain.…Read More

  8. *Jennifer Jordan

    NECK, SHOULDER, LOW BACK PAIN: Jennifer injured her neck, shoulder, and low back when she slipped in a puddle of water at work. She described the pain as “horrible”. It was so bad that she couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t walk, couldn’t do housework, and even struggled to pull the cap off of a tube of chapstick. She’d tried many different things including neck injections and the presc…Read More

  9. *Megan Madsen

    HIP DEFORMITY: Megan suffered from a rare hip condition. Her ligament was too short causing her hip to dislocate, which caused a lot of pain and kept this active college athlete from playing at her best. It eventually caused her to become pigeon-toed and affected her everyday life. Doctors wanted to operate, but the thought of going under the knife and 6 months of rehab left her and her family in …Read More

  10. *Joan Novak

    FAILED BACK SURGERY - SCIATICA - RUPTURED DISCS - OSTEOPOROSIS: Joan had been suffering from chronic pain for years. Osteoporosis, a deteriorating spine, and two back surgeries for ruptured discs left her in constant pain from sciatica. She reports that the doctors at Integrated Pain Solutions went “over and above” for her, greatly alleviated her pain, and enabled her to enjoy her grandkids an…Read More