Pro football players know pain.

They also have access to some of the best doctors and therapists around, often right inside their own locker room. But when your very livelihood depends on being healthy and on the field each Sunday, sometimes it’s necessary to take your health into your own hands and seek out the care that works best for you.

We are honored that several members of our favorite pro football team have placed their trust for sports physical therapy in Integrated Pain Solutions. Check out these videos to learn how they have benefited from high intensity laser therapy.

Disclaimer: Testimonials are based on personal experiences from actual patients. Individual results depend on many factors and may vary from patient to patient.  Integrated Pain Solutions cannot guarantee the outcome of any individual’s treatment.


MIKE DANIELS, Defensive Tackle

I choose to see Dr. Curt because he has different technology. Some of the equipment he has access to I haven’t seen anywhere else and I’ve been to quite a few places…

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DAVID BAKHTIARI, Offensive Tackle

I have my certain things I do to get ready physically for my job, and I don’t like to stray from what I know. But coming here and meeting with Dr. Curt, working with him, and seeing the results has definitely brought me back. I haven’t…

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You see the difference, you feel the difference, and then they explain it to you. I first heard about Integrated Pain Solutions from a couple of teammates. There are not a lot of places like this around.

Typically, you go into a chiropractor and they crack your neck and crack your back and you’re good and ready to go. But these guys pretty much check for everything. They check to see if your hips are loose, they check to see if your shoulders are right. And you can tell by some of the certain parts that they touch that that’s a stiff part. They’ll show you and then they’ll adjust you and the next day, I feel totally different than I did the day before. I feel more explosive. My hips are able to move in directions that they couldn’t move the day before. It definitely helps out.

Laser therapy is really good. Chiropractic works to put things back in place, but laser therapy loosens things up and it gets the blood flowing to the area you need it to go to and it enables your muscles and body to heal a little bit quicker than it normally would.

Drug-Free care is definitely important to me. I’ve never liked to take medicine or do those things. If I had to, I would rather just sit it out and get my body back. But this place gives me the opportunity not to have to sit it out.

Whenever I get the care, I can automatically feel it the next day that it’s working and I’m ready to go. The care has impacted me greatly on the field. I’ve been healthy my whole career and it’s been because of places like this. I can come in and get treatment and take care of injuries before they happen. You get tight muscles here and there, especially playing football in Green Bay, it gets cold, and you have to be able to stay loose at least to some degree. And having a place like this to come to get chiropractic work, laser work, massage therapy, all kinds of different things, all in one place – it’s really right up my alley.

That’s the great thing about this doctor’s office here and all the people who work here. You’re able to come in, and not just get care, but come in an have a genuine conversation with good people. Ultimately that’s what you want to do.

I love coming here.

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KENNY CLARK, Defensive Tackle

Laser therapy done wonders for me, as far as my body. It has helped me with pain relief, and it’s done great things…

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I first heard about Integrated Pain Solutions through my teammates and how everybody just bragged on it, so I decided to take a visit. Last season, I broke my fifth metatarsal in my foot and another guy, who had the same injury told me about this place. I decided to come and check it out and I’ve been doing great ever since.

It helped my recovery from surgery in a big way, because at first, I was like, how am I going to come back? I’m doing all of the right things, but the injury is still lingering. And, I’ve been here for awhile now, and I really don’t feel it no more, it’s starting to feel like my old left foot again.

The thing that surprised me is the relationships that I’ve built with everybody that works here. It’s not just like you come in and get a couple of pops wherever you want it and leave. I can get the pops, still have a great conversation with somebody and talk about daily life. It’s not just about football.

I have tremendous trust in the doctors here, which is why I keep coming back. If they can help me with a foot injury, I’m sure whatever else in the future I might need, I’m sure that they can help me with it.

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VINCE BIEGEL, Linebacker

I first came here to be proactive versus reactive. I’m a big proponent on recovery, and in the game of football, you’re always trying to stay a step ahead of everybody else.

The care that I’ve received here has helped me to sharpen my edge. Playing the game of football, you’re going to have injuries and bumps and bruises along the way. And being able to have a great staff here to take care of you, to keep you on the field, keep you available, is awesome.

The combination of shockwave and laser is huge for relieving whatever type of discomfort you might have. I’ve experienced a huge difference, whether it’s stiffness, tightness, discomfort – I could go on and on about all the different things they have to get you feeling like you again. And doing it in a holisitic way, without having to take medication, or what have you. To make you feel better in a natural way is awesome.

What makes Integrated Pain Solutions special for me is that it’s not about football. When you come in here, you’re an individual. Doc, doesn’t necessarily look at you as a football player, he looks at you as a person.

I’ve built a great connection with all of the staff here. They’re family oriented, very personable. It’s been awesome for me to be able to come here and feel very comfortable. That’s what separates this place from other places that I’ve done recovery at and I’ve done training at. And that’s nice, it’s definitely that hometown Wisconsin feel that you always look for. Being a kid from Wisconsin, it’s nice to have that feeling and being able to have those kinds of people take care of you.

I’d tell athletes that Integrated Pain Solutions can be used as a tool, an added tool. What I mean by that is that you don’t have to wait for something to get to be an injury to do something about it. You can be proactive about things and address things before they get to be worse than they are or they become an injury.

12 year old to a professional football player, all of those athletes – or even a Dad or women in a local softball league or bar league – being able to have a place like this to take care of your body is very important.

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JAKE RYAN, Linebacker

As a pro football player, I experience pain every single day – whether it’s hamstrings, my back, everything. My hips were giving me the most problems that I’ve ever had. So when I came in to Integrated Pain Solutions, and do the treatments…

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DAVON HOUSE, Cornerback

I got a little banged up during the summer and one of my teammates said, “you should go down the street, they do a great job over there in taking care of the guys”. The first day, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve felt love ever since…

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I came to Integrated Pain Solutions to get my body back to as close to 100 percent as it was at the beginning of the season…

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I would describe the doctors and the staff here, one: as knowledgeable. He’s very knowledgeable on the body. I come in, and he can tell me…

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Dr. Draeger and his laser therapy have been a big part in helping out with my pain, my performance, and durability.  Laser gets in and breaks up all that scar tissue, and coming out of it, I feel looser.  It keeps you on the field.  It helps…

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BRYAN BULAGA, Offensive Tackle

Dr. Draeger has done a great job of helping me manage the pain, just not in my knees or ankles, but in my entire body.  His big thing is the laser therapy. I’ve used it a couple of times before in past at the academy where I trained…

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I first saw Dr. Curt because I was having an issue with an injury, and I was seeking out other options, and I’ve been seeing him ever since…

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My strength coach in Jacksonville said, “Your body is your corporation” and that’s the most important thing is to take care of your body. And so what you put into it is going to help you to perform at your best and or the worst…

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Playing football, it’s a physical game. You get beat up, bruised, your joints don’t move as well as you need them to sometimes…

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I came to see Dr. Curt for a little bit of everything. I came in after injuries – he helped me come back from my fractured fibula and a high ankle sprain earlier this season…

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BJ RAJI, Defensive Tackle

Every game is different and you don’t necessarily know how it’s going to come out physically, so having someone like Dr. Curt who is available and willing to help you no matter what happens, that’s a good feeling. After one of our…

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MIKE NEAL, Linebacker

I have had laser therapy and I know that there are a hundred thousand different forms of laser therapy, but the laser therapy I’ve received from Dr. Draeger is probably one of the best. He’s able to penetrate deeper and into…

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DATONE JONES, Defensive End

Laser therapy has done wonders for me, for my body, my injuries.  I’ve had sprained ankles, a broken foot, and over the years these injuries build up and became old injuries. I had developed a lot of scar tissue and it was starting to…

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LETROY GUION, Defensive Tackle

I first came to see Dr. Draeger because I kept hearing the guys in the locker room talk about Dr. Draeger and how much he’s helping them with some of their pains and stuff that they deal with. I had worked with different chiropractors…

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Dr. Draeger is different from any other specialist I have been to before. He has his own way he does things, but the most important thing is that he listens. He considers what you may have going on, he considers advice you…

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